The moving process can be a big deal, but the struggle is real when you need to cross state lines.The secret to a successful relocation is to be as informed and organised as possible before you go. So if you’re heading out of state on your next big apartment move, mark off these items as you complete them.

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When you are relocating to a new city or different area, a much more business-like approach is appropriate. You may have to complete your research and come to a decision a lot quicker. The secret to a successful relocation is to be as informed and organised as possible before you go.

Critical requirements for your new neighbourhood:

  • Commuting time to your new workplace;
  • School requirements (university or high school?);
  • Community demographics (age, education and lifestyle);
  • Population density (urban, suburban, or rural);
  • Community organisations that are important to you, and
  • Access to public transport

Determine a rental range to look for a property in your new location. Be mindful that you may have to take into account an increase or decrease in living standards and prices compared to where you are now. Arrive on your house-hunting trip with a realistic expectation of what you must spend to get what you want. You can search for comparable listings.

Phone the agents in your desired relocation area before you make your first trip. Make sure the property managers understand your requirements in advance. Providing them with a written list would be helpful.

When you go looking, take along a map, property brochure printouts and research notes. Take a checklist of key house features, so you can take organised notes on every house you visit.

Use local knowledge. Talk to friends or employees who already live in the area or have lived in your location to gain their perspective on which suburbs may best suit you.

Things to organise:

  • Change your address (More details here);
  • Update your credit card, bills, and online shopping accounts with your new address
  • Get your new, in-state driver’s licence and registration sorted;
  • Register your new details with the Australian Electoral Commission and
  • Call your health and car insurance companies and make sure you’re covered in your new state