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After years of being treated like second-class citizens, 2018 was the year renters finally got a break.

VIA – Domain (December 29, 2018)

Sky-high capital-city house prices had locked many out of home ownership and, when combined with a string of elections, something had to give.

The changes were “really positive”, but not as extensive as the laws in Victoria or NSW, said chief executive Greg Bader.

In the weaker WA housing market finding a home to rent can be easier.

“A couple of years ago in Sydney and Melbourne, it was increasingly tough to get a rental,” Mr Bader said. “Its profile was raised as it [was] a major issue which prompted legislation to start to follow.”

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  1. The changes in real estate renter policies will be change in 2018 It was a big reason home owners feel more secure than before. There are rare chances to give property to the bad renters.