If you’ve encountered a tiny living area or found you have nowhere to store your belongings, you might be one of many people living in a small apartment. Learning to maximise the space you have can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.

Guest post – Maulik Patel

Here are some smart ideas to help you organise and maximise the available space in your small apartment.

Shrink the size of your dining table

Do you think small round tables are just for breakfast nooks? Well, think again! If you’re a family of two, three or four, a small dining table is enough for everyone to sit together and enjoy a meal. Think about ditching the massive table taking up space in your dining area and create extra space to live in.

Think about mounting your TV

One of the biggest space-wasters in a small apartment is your TV unit. If your landlord agrees to you adding a fixture to your wall (or has one installed), mount your TV on the wall or just above your fireplace. Taking the TV unit out of the equation is going to free up the floor space and improve the visual look of the room.

Choose pieces with a dual purpose

Choosing pieces that can serve multiple purposes is key to maximising space in your small apartment. Find a table that can be used as a desk and dining table. Look for a deep sofa that can double up as a guest bed, or get a couple of cubes which can serve the purpose of a coffee table too. All these small changes can save a lot of space in a small apartment.

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Use larger but fewer furnishings

It might seem to be counterintuitive, but using a few sizeable pieces can make a smaller place look grander. Using larger furnishings could be a far better option than piling up the place with multiple, smaller pieces of furniture. If you have a small apartment with lots of things spread around, change your thinking to benefit from this trick.

Being neutral is the mantra

Believe it or not, a calm and even-toned room can fool your eye and make you think the apartment is more spacious. Bright colours with bold patterns can make a room look clumsy. Think about adding subtle patterns and textures into your rooms to avoid letting your space fall flat.

Give your rooms a vertical look

Have you given any thought to some of your home’s more underutilised spaces? This could be anything from the top of your furniture pieces to a room’s ceiling and so on. Why not add high-mounted elements, or stack your bookcases and cabinets all the way up to make the rooms look taller?

Declutter and then donate

Whether it’s extra clothing, unused kitchen tools or unnecessary furniture, you can probably find something to donate in your house. Don’t try to hold onto unused pieces just because it may be useful in the future.

Pack your odds-and-ends away

Think about your miscellaneous items: everything from toys to nails, screws, paper rolls and more can be packed in empty jars. The tidier your apartment is, the bigger your space can look.  

When it comes to your kitchen, store your dry foods in empty jars and place them on the top of kitchen cabinets.

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Over to you!

We hope you’ve found some greater pointers above to help you maximise the space in your apartment. Have some tips we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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