“Why do I have to put maintenance requests in writing?” (Tenant, NSW)

We asked MMJ Real Estate Dapto Property ManagerLaura McDiarmid for her advice.

“While it’s not legislation to report repairs in writing, it’s a policy that most agencies adopt as best practice,” Laura said.

“By putting the repair in writing, it gives you – as well as the agency/owner – a clear, documented process to protect both parties and the property too.”

“If there was ever a dispute about the repair not being reported, or what was reported, you have clear evidence that it was.”

“This may assist you down the track with any tribunal claims, and more importantly, simply holding the agency and the owner to their responsibilities.”

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Laura McDiarmid
Property Manager at | laura.mcdiarmid@mmj.com.au | + posts

Laura has worked within the real estate industry for over a decade and has vast knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve success for her clients.