“Can a maintenance repair be a cost to me as the tenant?” Tenant, WA

We asked the Managing Director / Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon, for his advice.

“If you have damaged something within the property, it is your responsibility to have this repaired at your cost and notify your property manager,” Jarrad said.

“Your manager can recommend quality tradespeople that can help complete this.”

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Jarrad said maintenance could also be your responsibility if basic cleaning and care is not taken around the property, resulting in a contractor needing to be sent out.

“The agent should let you first know that items are requiring remedy, typically giving you two weeks to address them,” he said.

“An example would be a split system air-con not blowing cold air, the contractor attends, and they see the filters are full of dust and have not been cleaned for some time.”

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Jarrad Mahon
Jarrad Mahon
Managing Director / Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate | [email protected]

Jarrad Mahon is the Managing Director and Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate in Perth, Western Australia. Jarrad is an experienced property investor, selling agent and the 'go to' for Perth property market strategies and award-winning property management. He hosts the popular Perth Property Insider podcast, offering listeners strategies and mindset tips to grow their wealth, and is the author of The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide - How to Master the 5 Price Influencers.