To get the most out of the often taxing experience, Smoothstart has put together a list of a few things to pay particular notice to when visiting display homes.

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A lot of the display homes you will come across will probably feature modern open plan layouts. These home designs have large, multi-function spaces which have the kitchen, living and dining areas open to each other. Open plan layouts are popular for entertaining where guests can flow between spaces and mingle easily. They are also preferred by parents who can keep a close eye on young children while doing other tasks.

While open plan living is the most popular layout for display homes, some buyers may prefer the more traditional layout which has separated rooms that often run off a central hallway, offering more privacy and quiet.


When visiting display homes if there is one thing you can do, it is to prepare to be “wowed”. Display homes are there to entice buyers into purchasing a specific home design, so considerable money, time and effort is put into designing visually appealing interiors. It is easy for buyers to be drawn to expensive features such as stainless steel appliances and ceramic tiles, but it is important to remember that sometimes what you see is not what you get. When visiting display homes make sure to keep track of what is included and look past the flashy, add on features that can distract you from examining the bones of the design.

Building quality

Looking past the impressive finishes of display homes, buyers need to examine the quality of the home’s construction. Here are some things to look out for that will help you to identify whether there is quality in the construction.

1. Brands

Do some research into the brands that the home builder uses for building materials as well as appliances and fixtures. These will indicate how invested the home builder is in delivering a high quality home to buyers.

2. Well fitted doors and windows

Examining doors and windows for any gaps or inaccurate levelling will signal whether a home builder has rushed the display home construction. This will give you insight into what you can expect if you were to build your new home using that builder.

The feel

When you walk into a display home, your gut instinct will help you to narrow down the field of home designs and home builders. Does the entrance feel spacious or boxy to you? Can you imagine yourself living in the space or does the design go against how your family uses your current home? Does the open plan living in a single storey home feel comfortable or would you prefer cosier living spaces of a two storey home design? Amongst the features, design and building quality, don’t neglect to consider how a display home feels.

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