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“How do I negotiate a longer lease with my property manager?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Anna Gomes, Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne Petersham, for her advice.

Anna said before the expiration date on your lease, you need to contact your property manager and advise on your intentions to renew the lease.

“Your property manager will seek instructions from the landlord,” she said. “If approved, you will be asked to sign a new lease.”

When you don’t sign a new lease at the end of your tenancy – which is usually six or 12 months – you’ll be renting on what is known as a periodic agreement or a month-by-month agreement.

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This means the real estate agent or landlord has consented to your tenancy outside of a fixed-term.

You’ll still have the same tenant rights, but your landlord could raise your rent.

Your rent can’t be increased within a fixed-term period unless it’s specified when you re-sign your lease.

Once you’ve made your decision to renew your lease or find another property to rent, make sure you’re aware of the tenancy legislation in your state or territory.

If you have questions about tenancy laws and how they relate to you, click here to find the best contact.

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Anna Gomes
Anna Gomes

Anna Gomes is the Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne Petersham in the Inner West of Sydney, New South Wales. Anna's career spans more than 20 years in residential real estate throughout the Inner West. Raine & Horne Petersham is backed by over 35 years of real estate experience in Petersham and surrounds and has built a reputation as one of the most well-respected agencies in the area.