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“What happens if I get locked out of my apartment on a weekend?” (Tenant, WA)

I’ve been locked out – what now? 

We asked Lisa Kerr, Principal at Ray White South Perth for her advice:

Locking yourself out of home is never fun. Murphy’s Law just about guarantees that the day you forget to bring your keys with you after shutting the door, it’ll also be pouring with rain, in the middle of a heatwave, or your phone battery will be down to 10%.

If, however, you do find yourself in this predicament, it’s important to know where the responsibility for getting you out of this situation lies.

“If it is out of hours and you are unable to collect a set of keys from your agent, then you would have to arrange a locksmith at your cost, unfortunately,” Lisa said.

“The only time an agency would pay for the locksmith is if the agent has lost the keys and/or broken one in a lock.”

If your situation is due to a burglary, then this becomes an insurance claim.

Set yourself up for success

Once you’ve gained entrance into your home again, take steps to prepare for the next time you find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door. Get a spare key cut (if you haven’t already sorted this) and consider giving it to your close friend or a neighbour that you trust.

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Lisa Kerr
Lisa Kerr
Former Owner/Licensee at Ray White South Perth | [email protected]

Lisa Kerr was the Owner/Licensee of Ray White South Perth in Western Australia between 2015 and 2020. After completing a Certificate IV in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Lisa moved into property management. She worked with Access Property Management and John Hayes and Son before moving into a corporate role at Ray White. She retired in 2020.