Real estate agents and owners going to extraordinary lengths to attract tenants/buyers is nothing new. (Remember the recent raunchy LJ Hooker campaign?) But you have to love the effort that’s gone into this listing in America.

Imagine our joy when we happened upon these photos featuring a unicorn and dinosaur in Lexington, Kentucky.

The inflatable friends look to be living in domestic bliss in this four-bedroom, two-bathroom home. They’re mowing the lawns, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and using the shower. They’re watching TV. Basically, these guys have been strategically posed to highlight some of the home’s best features – including the new flooring and stainless steel appliances.

Lollipop is baking up something sweet.

According to US-based listing site Realtor, the real estate agent and property owner Lynn Keyland listed her family’s 2,100-square-foot home for $195,000. She knew including some wacky photos would help generate some buzz around the house sale.

When her children wanted to get involved, she thought dressing them up might be a safer move. so chose some costumes and called on a photographer.

“The unicorn, named Lollipop, is my 12-year-old daughter Venessa, and the T. rex, aka King Rex, is my son David, who is 10,” Keyland told Realtor.

Even dinosaurs need to practice self-care.

To Keyland’s delight, her cheeky photos caught the eye of numerous publications—and home shoppers. “My first open house was the busiest I’ve ever hosted,” she told Realtor.

“What I’ve learned is that the photos are getting people talking, regardless of whether the comments are good or bad,” Keyland says. “So, while one person may have something negative to say and not be interested, someone else may feel differently and have an interest in my home. At the end of the day, all sellers need is just one buyer.”

King Rex enjoys his showers.
King Rex is clearly in shock over the “Game of Thrones” finale.
You know the neighbourhood is safe when a dinosaur is keeping watch.

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