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“As a tenant in SA, what happens when my lightbulbs stop working at home?” (Tenant, SA)

Lights and your rental

We asked Adriana at DIY Property Management for her advice:

“In South Australia, a landlord is responsible for maintaining consumables in the property like replacing blown lightbulbs and Pura Tap filters, while tenants are responsible for caring for items such as cleaning air conditioner filters,” she said.

Adriana explained that the owner or the agent must be notified in writing and they must have authorisation from the tenant to enter the premises to repair the lights.

“Those notifications must be acted on within a proper time-frame and there is a fair bit of paperwork that needs to be completed just to replace a simple lightbulb,” she said.

“To avoid all this hassle and inconvenience, some tenants opt to change their lightbulbs themselves, if they are standard lightbulbs.”

“If they are downlights or any other kind of non-standard lightbulbs, owners should be replacing them.”

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