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Renting a new home and found paint leftover from a previous tenant? You’re not alone. To ensure the paint is disposed of thoughtfully, here’s what you need to know.

Who is responsible for leftover paint at a rental?

Sophie Lyon, General Manager of Property Management at Jellis Craig, said the property owner is responsible for the disposal of leftover paint. Items left behind by previous tenants become the owner’s responsibility if the bond has been settled and the tenant has moved on.

“The owner should be responsible, as it’s their property. They’re required to provide you with a reasonably clean home and also to maintain the property,” she said.

“You could make an application to the tenancy tribunal in your state, citing a breach on the owner’s behalf. That said, this process is often time-consuming, and you may find it easier to remove the items yourself.”

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Why get rid of leftover paint?

Paint contains chemicals such as solvents and metals. These can contaminate our groundwater and have adverse effects on human health. There are many benefits to correctly disposing of paint products which will help keep our waterways clean, divert from landfill and increase recovery of resources.

  • Paintback
    Paintback is a world-first, industry-led initiative designed to divert unwanted paint and packaging from ending up in landfill and vital waterways. Today there are more than 150 permanent collection sites across Australia. For more information on Paintback, their requirements and your nearest site, check out their website.
  • Empty paint tins and materials
    Check with your local council for preferences before you decide how you’ll dispose of your paint products. Most empty paint tins can go in your normal garbage or recycle bins – or be dropped off at a waste collection centre.
  • Leftover paint
    Do you have small amounts of paint leftover? Pour the paint onto some old newspapers, cloth or other absorbent material such as cardboard and then dispose of those products once the paint has dried.
Sophie Lyon
Sophie Lyon
General Manager of Property Management at Jellis Craig | (03) 9452 4000 | [email protected]

Sophie Lyon is the General Manager of Property Management at Jellis Craig in Hawthorn, Victoria. She has also served as the Director of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) in Camberwell, Victoria, since 2016. Sophie is professionally active and is a former Vic President of the REIV and an REIV-accredited trainer. Before her time with Jellis Craig, Sophie worked with Philip Webb Real Estate for more than 10 years in Mitcham.