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“I’ve been looking at a lot of property listings on the internet. Is there a reason the lease length for a rental isn’t usually advertised?” 

Feature agentTricia Gilbert, Principal, Licensee and Property Manager at Next Level Property Management Services.

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We asked Principal, Licensee and Property Manager at Next Level Property Management ServicesTricia Gilbert about understanding the way real estate agents advertise a property’s lease length.

“I would say this has just been an oversight by the agent,” Tricia said.

“It’s normally in an autofill box on the advertising program, but it can be omitted.”

Familiarise yourself with the area before you sign

Are you planning to move into a property in an area where you haven’t lived before? When you attend a property viewing, make sure you ask the real estate agent or landlord about the neighbourhood.

For example, you could ask about the location of the supermarkets, public transport routes, schools, restaurants, movie theatres, and post office.

If the property you’re looking at on does not have a lease length listed, you can contact the Property Manager or Landlord by clicking the ‘Enquire’ button below the photos on the ad.

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Tricia Gilbert
Tricia Gilbert
Principal, Licensee and Property Manager at | 0410 400 015 |

Tricia Gilbert is the Principal, Licensee and Property Manager of Next Level Property Management & Sales in Joondalup, Western Australia. Tricia has worked with Next Level since 2019 and was formerly the Principal and Business Development Manager with Ray White Leading Edge in Clarkson. She is a Certified Practising Real Estate Agent (CPREA). Tricia holds a Triennial Licence and Property Management Licence issued by the WA Department of Commerce. In 2014, Tricia won Property Manager of the Year - WA Metropolitan at the annual Ray White Awards.