Making your rental feel like home can be challenging, especially with lease restrictions. Here are 12 reversible ideas to work around rental restrictions to make your rented house really yours. 

1. Lean your art, instead of hanging it

Nails in the wall aren’t usually smiled upon in a rented house. But art does not have to be hung! In fact, leaning art up against the wall is a great way to display it – and easy to move to a new location should you want to.

2. Cover up exposed walls and dated cabinetry with accessories

Unfortunately a dated cupboard or exposed wall is part of your rented house that cannot be easily replaced. However it can be easily disguised.

Placing bright and interesting accessories in front of or around the cabinetry or wall will draw the eye elsewhere.

Try hanging a colourful tea towel off a handle, string bunting up or place bright kitchen appliances and vases of flowers on the bench.

3. Use decals instead of wallpaper

Wallpaper is definitely a no-go in a rented property, but decals are a useful solution to a bare wall. They go on and (importantly) come off easily.

4. Introduce your own kitchen island

If you’re looking for an anchor in the kitchen where people can gather, try purchasing (or make your own) island on lockable wheels. Perfect for parties, cooking and wheeling away when you don’t need it.

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5. Add more shelves

Similar to the island, the inclusion of a few more shelves makes a kitchen feel full and lived in. Open shelving on wheels is a great way to add a decor element and is easy to move around to fit the space.

6. Add colour, shape and texture

A couple of pieces of statement furniture are lifelong purchases to take with you anywhere. A bright and interesting couch, chair or table is the perfect way to make your rented house your home. If you can’t change the house structurally, change the feeling of it with colour, shape and texture.

7. Cover it with a rug

A rug, statement or other, adds layers to your room and transforms a boring or plain carpet into something you want to look at. Simply by adding another element to the room, it brings warmth and ties it together.

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8. Add natural textures

Inject life into any space with indoor plants and warm woody tones. A large and leafy plant provides colour and life, while wooden stools or coffee tables add warmth and a bit of rustic cosiness.

9. Use crates for display

A fun way to personalise and change the layout of your desk or bench top, without any construction or deconstruction, is through the simple use of a wooden crate.

It adds layers, another shelving option and provides a homely feel to what might have been a clinical kitchen or laundry.

10. Lamp shades

A change of light can make a big difference to a space. Cover exposed bulbs with an interesting lampshade and include table lamps in each room to provide layers of light.

11. Cover ugly bench tops with chopping boards

An ugly bench top is easily remedied with some large chopping boards. These disguise a bench top that you would rather hide and are easily packed up when you move on.

12. Personalise your rental with homely touches

Whether it is in shelves, on the bench, or up on the wall (held by easily removable hooks) this is a sure-fire way to make a rented house your own. Put your flair into the room with accessories, pictures and trinkets.

What are your top lease-friendly tips for adding a personal flair to your rental home? Let us know in the Comments below!