has introduced the most comprehensive tenancy application form in Australia, delivered electronically to private landlords to make choosing your next tenant easier.

Tenancy application
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Behind the scenes

While Australian renters are in the process of searching for a property and enquiring online, we thought it strange that many private landlords still ask their prospective tenants to fill out paper-based tenancy application forms.

This process can be tedious for renters, who may be applying for several properties at any time before they are finally accepted. Not only that, it can be difficult for a landlord to sort through paper forms and interpret some renters’ handwriting too!

Renter Resume Application Form Example
Application Form Example

Introducing: The new, comprehensive tenancy application’s new application form is a fully comprehensive tenancy application form. It includes all of the data captured in a standard application, while also adding in an extra dimension of renter information.

This added information is captured through our unique Renter Resume and Pet Resume features, and includes photographs, renter biographies, detailed pet information and references.

How does it work?

A renter only needs to complete their Renter Resume once. From there, each time they apply for a new property, an application form specific to that property will be generated.

That application is then neatly delivered directly to the landlord via email.

The new application form isn’t the first in the market, but in response to industry feedback, it’s now the most comprehensive, giving you the best chance of selecting the right tenant for your property.

Will it cost me?

There is no cost to private landlords to use the new tenancy application form. Even better – you don’t need to do anything to get set up to receive the applications.

If you would like to know more about the new tenancy application form, or have questions about what you’ve read, get in touch!

Email [email protected] or phone the team on 1300 736 810.


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