We recently surveyed Rent.com.au Landlords for their views on what makes a successful landlord to understand their experiences. Landlords were asked to submit the best thing they’ve learned about managing a good tenant / landlord relationship. Here’s what the survey revealed:



Your response to maintenance requests matters

A quick response to requests came top of the list for landlords. Property maintenance is a major concern for both landlords and renters.

As Ingrid said: “Attend to the little things when it matters. It shows you care about your property and your tenant.”

Nat from Queensland said: “A quick response to maintenance is paramount,” a thought echoed by another Landlord, Chris, who has held tenants for more than 3 years for his belief in quick maintenance responses.

Longer leases and fixed rent

Renters regularly voice their concerns about the disruption of having to move frequently on short leases. This doesn’t even take into account the costs that come with cleaning and removalists.

Kumar, from NSW said satisfaction was key. “Maintain your tenant’s satisfaction where you can. Discuss with your tenant before you increase the rent to make sure they’re happy.”

A Landlord from ACT (name not provided) said: “When you find a good tenant, look after them with a longer lease and consider fixing the rent for as long as is viable”.

Be empathetic and understanding

Landlords said their tenants were impressed by demonstrations of thoughtfulness and consideration. These landlords said they took into account the stress associated with renting and finances, or were respectful of the renters’ personal circumstances.

Kirsty, who said her longest tenant stayed for more than 3 years, said: “Treat your tenant in the same way you’d want to be treated yourself.”

Tony (QLD): “Put yourself in their position and treat them just like that.”

It’s important to think of your tenant as more than just a tenant. Compassion and understanding are just two traits Rent.com.au Landlords told us were crucial in keeping a long-term tenant. They told us a good Landlord would understand their tenant’s situations, but also knew how to distance themselves from their emotions.

Honesty goes a long way

Are you honest in your dealings with your tenants? If not, you can be guaranteed it will show. Tenants will know if you’re cutting corners on maintenance, or being dishonest in your communication with them. A good tenant needs to be able to trust you if they are going to stay for the long-term.

Rent.com.au Landlords told us they pride themselves on good communication, saying their style gave them the opportunity to develop personal relationships with their tenants, rather than having them feeling like they’re just ‘another tenant’.

Bill from WA said: “I show my tenants that I trust them to do things like paying the rent on time, or emailing me maintenance requests when they’re crucial without being pestered excessively.”

Another Landlord (named withheld) from QLD said the key for him was leaving the tenants alone: “If they’re paying rent on time and looking after the place, then leave them alone, reduce inspections and show appreciation by sending a small gift at Christmas like a bottle of wine.”