Tyre dumping scams: Landlords are reminded of the importance of regular property inspections and tenant screening.

Landlords are reminded of the importance of regular property inspections and tenant screening.

Perth landlords have been hit by scams in recent weeks, with some forced to front up to $100k to dispose of illegally dumped tyres.

Western Australia’s Consumer Protection has urged landlords to carry out regular property inspections and perform due diligence when choosing tenants.

How the tyre dumping scam works

This scam initially targets tyre retailers and vehicle wrecking yards, who are offered cheap disposal of worn-out tyres. From here, the offender dumps the tyres at properties they’ve leased, including the backyards of rental homes before abandoning the property.

This leaves property owners with the problem (and cost) of disposing of the used tyres. Tyres are considered an environmental pollution risk, and are subject to controlled waste regulation.

In one example, a location in Wugong was used to store hundred of tyres, costing the property owner about $100,000 for disposal.

Consumer Protection said rental income would also be lost at affected properties during the tyre clearance. The rules for abandoned goods don’t apply if products are considered unwanted waste.

Safeguard your rental property with checks

To help prevent similar illegal and hazardous activity, Consumer Protection has encouraged WA landlords to carry out regular property inspections.

In WA, up to four inspections a year are allow for residential tenancies, so long as a week’s notice is given to the tenant. Conducting an inspection soon after a tenant moves in may help to address any early issues.

Considering an application from a prospective tenant? Carry out thorough checks, and make sure you get recent rental references from a genuine former landlord or property manager.

Why not try Rent.com.au’s RentCheck report? RentCheck helps ensure you know who’s signing your lease.

Have you seen illegal dumping in your area? Report illegal dumping to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER)’s Pollution Watch Hotline on 1300 784 782. For more information on WA landlord rights and responsibilities, contact Consumer Protection on 1300 304 054.