A long-term tenant is every property investor’s dream. Finding great people to occupy your property is about more than just luck; it’s also about being an awesome landlord.

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Developing a good relationship with your tenant is about more than just being friendly and accommodating. It’s about understanding what turns an empty property into a home. One of the quickest ways for any tenant to feel comfortable in a new property is to be able to hang their treasured artwork on the walls damage-free, something which is now easier than ever with the Command range of removable picture hanging strips from 3M.

The importance of long-term tenants

Tenants who only stay for a short period cost you money. Every time a tenant moves out, you have to pay fees to re-let the property, and there is almost always a period between tenants while the property is empty, which equates to less annual rent. If tenants are moving in and out regularly, it’s also likely that you will have to spend more on periodic maintenance to make your property presentable, like painting and decorating, all of which contributes to reduced overall yield.

Think beyond the application

While a rental application form and references help you select the people you think are right for your property, you can never be sure that you will get a good tenant, much less someone who will stay long term. Don’t despair. At first glance, it may seem like a bit of a lottery, but as a landlord, there are things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a tenant in for the long haul.

Let them fall in love

It’s important to do everything you can to ensure your tenants feel relaxed and comfortable in your property and feel like they have permission to put their own unique stamp on it. More often than not, this means they will want to turn the walls of your property into their own personal art galleries.

In the past, this would have struck fear into the hearts of any landlord, worrying that their tenants would be walking around with a hammer and a bag of nails, causing damage to every wall in sight. For this reason, it wasn’t unusual for landlords to steadfastly refuse to allow tenants to hang anything on the walls at all. While this may avoid damage and costly repairs, it doesn’t really allow tenants to feel properly at home, which means they are unlikely to stay for the long term.

It doesn’t have to be that way

The good news is that things have changed, and now it couldn’t be easier for your tenants to personalise the walls without drilling a single hole or hammering in a single hook. The secret is using removable picture hanging strips that are strong enough to securely hold their artwork frames, which can be removed when they move on without damaging the paintwork or leaving a trace.

For example, the Command range of picture hanging strips from 3M comes in a vast range of sizes and is guaranteed to stay strong and come off clean. Four large strips can hold a frame up to 7.2kg, which allows your tenants to create their own personal galleries without worrying about leaving any damage behind. You can see just how easy it is to apply and remove Command Picture Hanging Strips here. Or you can purchase now at Bunnings.

Give them a head start

A great way to kick-off a new tenancy is to make it known right from the get-go that your new tenants have free range to make themselves at home. You could let them know that you are happy to put whatever they like on the walls so long as they use the appropriate removable picture hanging strips. Perhaps you could even give them a few samples to get them started. Either way, it demonstrates that you are the kind of landlord who encourages a long-term relationship.

Only win-win relationships endure

Humans crave security. By allowing your tenants to dress your property with all the things that make them feel safe and comfortable without having to worry about damage, you are creating a business relationship where both parties win. And that is what successful property investing is all about.


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