Advice for Landlords/Property Owners
Tips, advice and Q&As to help you lease and manage your investment property in Australia.

Leasing and managing

Steps to take when your tenant gives notice to vacate

As a self-managing landlord, it's important for you to be proactive to reduce confrontation and headaches, but also move new tenants into your house without losing weeks of rent. 

Landlord rights and responsibilities – final inspection

When a tenant vacates your property, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities to avoid disputes and potentially save time and money.

Furnished or unfurnished – What’s best for your property?

Offering a furnished rental property to tenants can demand higher rental yields, but this can be offset by high tenant turnover.

What to do when your tenant can’t pay the rent

A tenant who can’t pay the rent is a key concern for landlords. After all, you have expenses that need paying whether the tenant has paid their rent or not.
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