If you plan to move yourself, there are plenty of creative ways to label your moving boxes – it all comes down to what kind of labelling system you want to use. Here’s how to nail the moving process.

moving boxes
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It’s well known that good organisation is a must-have for a successful house move. Sometimes, even the smallest things like labelling boxes can have a big difference on your stress levels and the outcome of your relocation. To get started, make sure you have everything you need – and don’t forget to mark each box with your specific handling requirements.

Which method is best for you?

  • Colour coding: How many rooms do you have in your new house? Assign a colour for each room , then use that colour to mark the boxes that need to go to that respective room. Pretty simple, right? So, if you choose green for the kitchen, attach green labels to all boxes that contain your pantry goods, appliances and cutlery. If a label isn’t clear enough, consider looking for packing tape in the same colour for ease of identification at the other house.
  • Number coding: If colours aren’t for you, consider numbering your moving boxes. This is a simple way to organise your items but also keep track of your boxes and notice if any are missing once you make it to your new place. If number coding sounds like it might be your thing, you should create a detailed list to record the contents of each moving box that corresponds to its number. Don’t just bring the one list with you – send a copy to yourself on email… just in case.

Labelling your moving boxes

Once you’ve labelled your packing boxes, it’s a good idea to stick clear packing tape over the top of your labels. That way, if your labels come lose or are damaged in the move, your methodical organisation system won’t go astray.

  • Label your moving boxes on different parts of the box – not just the top. Consider labelling 2-3 sides of each box. It might seem like extra effort, but once you start stacking boxes on top of and next to each other, you’ll appreciate having gone the extra length.
  • Make sure you label every individual box right after you pack it. Labelling an hour after you’ve finished the whole packing won’t yield good (or accurate) results and you’ll probably forget what’s inside.
  • Is your moving box ready for transportation? Mark its destination room, its unique number and any handling instructions that pertain to what’s inside.

Being as specific as possible when you label your boxes will ensure the safety of your packed items and will go a long way to facilitate the unpacking process once you get to your new home.

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