“I broke a lease early awhile ago and owed the landlord/agent money, which meant my name went on a tenancy database. I want to pay the outstanding debt out and have made a plan to pay it off. I’m curious though, will I struggle to rent in Sydney again? Will my payment wipe my record on the tenancy database clear?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Mint360property Senior Property ManagerNancy Vieria for her advice.

Nancy said a tenant can only have their name placed on a tenancy database:

  • at the end of a lease AND
  • when rent is owed more than the total of the rental bond OR
  • as the result of a court or tribunal order

“You may opt to pay the outstanding debt by arranging a payment plan,” she said.

“Once a debt has been repaid to the landlord/agent within three months, the listing must be removed from the tenancy database.”

“In most cases, listings of more than three years must be removed.  You can also seek to have your name removed from the tenancy database if you think the listing is inaccurate.  This is done by applying to the Tribunal.”

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Nancy Vieria
Senior Property Manager at Mint360property

Nancy’s strong organisational skills, honest, ethical and professional approach to the industry allows her to stay in control of a busy role, ensuring her clients are comfortable and informed throughout the lease and management process. Nancy believes, as a Senior Property Manager, comes a great sense of responsibility to her clients who entrust their most valuable assets to her care.