There are many ways to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) performance of property assets for landlords and homeowners. Adding value to a home or apartment, even in little ways, can help offset costs and help increase rental prices. Desirability also influences judgement: if a house offers not only efficiency but ambience, an ROI becomes easier to accomplish.

Guest post: Simon Mundine – LED World

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There are many alternate ways to increase a property’s value, lighting being one of them. With lighting, each room can have its own ambience, enhancing the modern surrounds of the environment while making it user friendly. Cabinet lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, spot lights or track lighting in work areas and pendant lighting are but a few options available to the investor. If the energy efficiency factor is also added with the use of LEDs, the benefits become two-fold when reducing energy consumption.

Different lighting options suit some rooms more than others and can have either a positive or negative impact, and thus must be given due consideration before installation. Strip lighting is more suited to hallways rather than small boxed in rooms, while under cabinet lighting achieves an impressionable result in the kitchen. Regardless of the choice, if done correctly, lighting will offer the investor solid returns on their property for minimal outlay.

Strip Lighting

Welcoming guests into a home with modern hallway lighting creates a casual but warm environment. A variety of lighting is available for installation, and using it in the main walkways and entrance to a property correctly will leave a lasting impression. Strip lighting offers a balanced lighting that reduces the dark corners of the hallway, giving the feel of a clean, well-maintained house. It can also double as a striking work of hallway art that isn’t overwhelming. This is where first impressions count.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting adds to the functionality and decorative purposes of the room, particularly kitchens. Well illuminated benches with evenly distributed lighting will contribute to the style of the space. This style of lighting can highlight backsplashes, create ambiance and make entertaining a breeze, all the while influencing property value and rental prices.

Pendant Lighting  

Pendant lighting can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From minimal to lavish, pendant lighting creates a visual statement. With the right pendant lighting in the room, ambience can be emphasized, and can balance other elements without taking up any vital floor space.

Pendant lighting can be used throughout the house or just in the main living areas. Modern pendant lighting looks striking over a kitchen counter, and equally stunning in large open rooms, establishing desirability. Pendants give a visual punch to the room, creating a hard to resist atmosphere with an executive touch.

Adjustable Track Lighting / Spot Lights

Adjustable lighting on a track or in the form of spotlights allows for the resident to position the lighting to where it is needed for greater coverage. The high functionality of this lighting benefits the areas of work: the kitchen, laundry and even home office. Spot lights come in a variety of styles and can become a form of art in themselves. For track lighting, the choice of stylish tracks available are limitless.  Both are easy to install and relatively cheap, giving more profitable margins for your returns on your investment.

Simon Mundine
Simon Mundine

Simon Mundine is the Director of LED World in Newtown, New South Wales. Simon started LED World as a hobby business in his parent's spare bedroom. After realising that he could improve the products he was reselling, he learned electrotechnology and the manufacturing process to bring his products to the market. From there, Simon went on to formally study lighting design. Today LED World has a team of five full-time staff and works with a range of businesses across Australia and the globe.