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Moving soon and need to get your internet sorted? Why wouldn’t you? The good news is that today there are internet service providers out there that have designed plans specifically with renters in mind.

When you’re renting, there are a few things you need to look out for in a great internet plan, especially if you’re not sure if you’re going to be in your home for the short-term (under 12 months) or long term.

But which is right for you? There are several ways to break down the options, but we reckon it’s worth considering the following pointers to find the best type of internet to meet your needs. Here goes…

Key Highlights:

  • Finding a plan with access to unlimited data
  • Weighing up internet speeds and data caps
  • Internet from the day you move in
  • Our top pick for Provider of the Month 

Unlimited data

To kick things off, one of the big things to look out for is data (or quota). Basically, your quota is a measure of how much data you can download or stream in a month.  If you think of your quota as a garden, this is basically how much water you’re able to use each month – once you’ve used up your allocation (quota), your tap pressure is turned right down to a small dribble.

Depending on the internet plan you find, you’ll be able to choose from small amounts – say 100 megabytes (MB) – to unlimited plans (which say as they are, no limits).

Pro tip: If you’re renting, a popular option is to go for an unlimited data plan. Choosing a plan with unlimited data means you’ll be able to stream, share and download everything you love without having to worry about exceeding your monthly allowance in the first week (or your housemate’s late-night Netflix habit).

The need for speed

Once you know how you’ll be connected at home, another factor to consider is the overall speed of your internet. It’s worth knowing the maximum speed you can achieve before you choose your new plan, so ask NBN Co or the internet service provider. Your internet speed depends on a few different factors: Your connection, your service plan and the time of day,

In short, the good news is that there’s no one right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting the speed that suits you. It will come down to how many people want to use the service and what you’re going to be using the service for.

If you enjoy a bit of email and web surfing, then slower speeds may suit you just fine. At the other end of the scale, if you’ve got a lot of people and lots of streaming (i.e. high definition video), then faster speeds may be more suited to you.

Pro tip: Not sure what speeds you’ll need at your new place? Rather than opting for the most expensive plan (which usually offer the fastest download speeds), consider starting on a lower level plan. That way, if you move in and find it’s not fast enough, you can change/upgrade your plan to suit your needs.

Instant connection

Moving to a new house can be a stressful process. After a full day/weekend of moving, the ideal would be kicking back with a glass of wine and streaming the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series while you unwind. A cool feature to look out for is an internet provider’s ability to offer an instant connection to the internet. Instead of waiting for the NBN connection process at your rental which can take a little while, some providers can connect you from day one. Look for a provider that lets you connect over their 4G network from day one, and when the NBN is connected, you’ll have the hardware to use as a backup in case your NBN connection fails or requires service.


So, what is the best deal available to renters today?

Our pick for Internet Provider of the Month: Vodafone

Things can change quickly when it comes to Australian internet service providers: price and feature trends come and go, as do new providers! Today, customers can take up an internet plan with Vodafone that offers a few unique features that may be of interest.

What’s exciting here is that Vodafone has looked at what’s in the market (or more importantly, what isn’t) and have hit the ground with what is arguably the best-featured and one of the best-priced plan in the market today.

Everything you need to know:

  • Unlimited data: Because capped plans are so last year
  • Instant Connect: As it says, you’ll be connected from day one
  • 4G Back-Up: The boffins at Vodafone have built a 4G SIM into their modem, so if your service is ever interrupted, they’ll flick you over to their 4G mobile network until things are back to normal.
  • WiFi HubTM: get Vodafone’s snappy modem for $0 (yes, nothing) upfront when you stay connected for 36 months. The max modem cost if you cancel is $180.
Instant Connect and 4G Back-Up are subject to mobile coverage availability – see Speeds limited to a max of 12Mbps (down) and 1Mbps (up). nbnTM in selected areas. Fair Use Policy and T&C’s apply. nbn in selected areas.

At the end of the day, there are any number of home internet plans available to renters today, but the key message here is that it’s good (and worthwhile) to shop around keep an eye out for the best deal for you.

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Vodafone Terms & Conditions: Vodafone nbn™ is a data only service. May not be compatible with home phone line service and you may lose existing technology such as medical alarms or devices. Full terms at There is no option to purchase the Modem outright or on a monthly payment plan. The Modem cost equates to $5 per month (‘Undiscounted Price’) over 36 months or $0 per month (‘Discounted Price’) if you stay connected for 36 months (‘Device Period’). The Discounted Price will appear as a credit on your monthly bill. If you choose to cancel your plan before the end of the Device Period you will need to pay the full Undiscounted Price x months remaining on Device Period, applied as a lump sum on your final bill. Min one month connection. Recurring monthly plan fees are charged until the end of the month you cancel. You will be charged for using your plan from the point of nbn™ activation at your premises. Unlimited Data: Services subject to number of devices connected, network coverage and your location. Our Fair Use Policy applies see Additional fees may apply for nbn™ installation or appointments. Vodafone Instant Connect uses Vodafone SIM only in Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™. Available until nbn™ connection or up to 30 days. Vodafone 4G Backup uses Vodafone SIM only in Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™. Available for confirmed local nbn™ faults until nbn™ is reconnected or up to 30 days. 4G Back-Up will be automatically activated if you lose connection to Vodafone nbn™ excluding mass nbn™ outages. nbn™, nbn co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.
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