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For international students, moving to Australia can be exciting and dynamic, but it can also lead you to miss home. Here’s how to cope with the emotions of leaving home and starting your studies in a new place.

Enjoy spending time with people from your own country

When you move to a new place, it’s awesome to communicate in a foreign language with international friends. You’ll learn a lot about new cultures by learning new languages. If you start to feel lonely when you move to Australia, speaking in your own language with people from your own country will help to relieve those feelings. Why not have a coffee with people from your country and share what you’re feeling.

Hit up the international restaurants for a taste of home

What food do you love? Did you have a favourite dish your mum would prepare when you were living at home? If you’re living in an Australian capital city, you’ll find a heap of great international restaurants wherever you go. Otherwise, ring your family and ask for that recipe that you love and learn how to cook it. Having your favourite meal on weekends or the days you feel stressed will go a long way to making you feel at home.

Skype can and will help to shorten distances

Technology is amazing. You can contact anyone anywhere with tools like Skype and Viber, which let you text and video call at will. These tools will let you connect with people you want to see and share your daily life with – it will also go a long way to make you feel more closely connected to home.

Value new friendships

You’re going to make new friends in no time when you study abroad. There’ll be activities in abundance, but if you start to feel sad, spend time with people that make you feel good. It will help you cherish the memories you have from home.

Be prepared to seek help

Moving to a new country is a tough thing to get your head around and there is no shame in asking anyone for help. If you’re having difficulty settling in, or understanding how things should work, don’t suffer unnecessarily in silence. Take steps to sort out any issues and get support as soon as the need arises. A lot of universities and TAFE campuses have counselling services available to students – use them!

Keep yourself busy

Wake up in the morning and start your day by getting into school or work, do your best at the tasks you’re given and meet new people throughout the day. You’ll have time to relax after your busy day at night by doing things like exercise, or having a hot shower. Why not plan your weekends around doing something special? Find out what events are on nearby, or meet up with friends for a coffee or drink.

Enjoy the experiences on offer

Even when circumstances are making you miss home or feel down, remember that you’re in a foreign country and you have an amazing opportunity at hand to experience some pretty wonderful things, which your friends back home cannot! If you see something beautiful (think: beaches, gorgeous sunsets), sit back and soak them up. This is a great chance to take away something unique.

Remember you will adapt in time

When it comes down to it, we’re all naturally good at adapting to new situations in life. It might feel like your gloomy feelings will last forever, but acknowledge the fact it won’t last as long as you think. If you’re experiencing sad or negative feelings, remember that you’re totally fine – you’ve been through tough experiences in the past and you got through them just fine.

Stay fit and healthy

It can be pretty tempting to resign yourself to a night on the couch with icecream when you’re feeling low, but in the end, this will only make you feel worse. Do your best to get in some exercise and keep healthy – It will keep you feeling really positive about life.

Have fun and look after yourself

At the end of the day, remember that you’re in a new place, a new environment and learning a lot about a different culture. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Whatever you do, take care of yourself in the best possible way to ensure you stay healthy and happy. Do the things that make you happy and you’ll find you’re on the path to a happy stay in Australia with an experience worth remembering.

What are your best tips to avoid homesickness? We’d love to hear them! Share your ideas in the Comments below.


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  1. Thank you for this blog. It puts together all that one must do to cope up with day to day life struggles when away from home. The thing that I miss the most about my country India, is celebrating all festivals with family. Studying in Australia has been an enriching experience for me so far. I’ve made some friends and am also getting used to the local culture. Hopefully, this blog will help me deal with the few inhibitions that are still left in my mind.

  2. I am such a student who has moved to Australia four years ago and it was pretty taught at the beginning. But now I feel like being Australian from the childhood. Thank you for the article!

  3. Hello. Thank you for an interesting article.
    You’re right. Often a child chooses to study abroad, and not in his own country. There may be many reasons for this, but I think there is the main one. He believes that another country will give more opportunities for the student. Most likely, after conducting reconnaissance, he learned that the diplomas of this country are more valued, which means that education there is better. Not the least role, of course, is the prestige of the chosen educational institution.
    But, choosing this way, this student will have additional problems. Live alone (far from his family), and, in fact, solve everyday (and not only) problems independently. But, in the end, he will all the same slowly get involved and everything will be fine. In addition, if he has problems with foreign (for him) language – the language of his education, and you need to write some essay, such a student can always apply for help at http://essaymap.org/