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How can I rent with no rental history, no credit history and no income? Is there a way around it?”– Felicity

Aimee, we spoke to Amy Ryan, Leasing Agent with Richardson and Wrench – South Brisbane for her advice on the subject.

“I would say that it is not vital to have a rental history as a large number of applications we receive are young adults who are wanting to move out of home and need to start somewhere,” Amy said.

“It is preferred that they have some type of income to ensure that they can afford the rent per week, but if they are not receiving any income, they can apply with a ‘guarantor,’ such as a parent.”

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Amy said the guarantor will also need to submit an application and provide documents to confirm their salary.

From there, the application will then need the owner’s approval.

If you’re someone who hasn’t rented a property in Australia before, it’s natural to feel concerned that you don’t have references from a previous property manager or landlord.

The good news is that everyone needs to start somewhere. You can easily demonstrate that you’ll make a good tenant with some additions to your rental application. Here’s an article for first-time tenants: How to get a rental property.

Remember: There are a number of ways you can make yourself stand out as the right tenant for a property. Here are six easy strategies to help you make your case.

Here are some seven easy tips to help you get ready to rent for the first time. What other tips have worked for you? Let us know in the Comments below!

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Amy Ryan

Amy has been in the Property Management industry for over 3 years. She has always had a passion for working in leasing and has stepped up to the challenge of leasing properties all over Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan with R&W. With 2 years of leasing experience in her belt Amy has a great knowledge of the entire Brisbane region.