Improve your credit score with RentPay's ScoreBuilder

Does paying rent on time give you a better credit score for future loans?

In most cases, no. A clean rental history does not help to improve your credit score. However, providing evidence of a good rental history makes the perfect reference when you apply for a home loan in future.

A bank may ask you to provide a copy of your rental ledger to support any loan application, and, in some cases, a reference from a current or former property manager.

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Build your status and your future with RentPay

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough credit for being an awesome tenant?

With RentPay ScoreBuilder, your rental payments now contribute to your credit score. This may help improve your borrowing capacity for life’s bigger purchases like a car or property of your own.

What is RentPay ScoreBuilder?

ScoreBuilder is a unique RentPay feature that helps improve your credit score.

Each month that you have the ScoreBuilder feature, we report your payment status to Equifax, one of Australia’s largest credit reporting agencies.

If you’re making regular payments, reporting that to Equifax over time may have a positive impact on your credit score.

To use ScoreBuilder you must first activate your RentPay account, and then opt-in for the ScoreBuilder feature either via the dashboard or when you finish activation.

RentPay Technology Pty Ltd ACN 636 254 709 is an Authorised Representative of Flexewallet Pty Ltd – Australian Financial Services Licence number: 448066.

We are also the authorised representative of One Card Credit Pty Ltd – Australian Credit License Number: 390376. For more details on the product, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), User Agreement and FAQs.

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