“My rental has been sold and I’m moving out in a couple of weeks. My lease doesn’t run out until July, but I’ve been told I can move out anytime now. However, my rent comes out this week. Will I need to pay the next fortnight of rent if I give them my notice to move this week?” Tenant, WA

We asked Property Exchange Department Manager, Kaylee Ferguson for her advice:

“Any arrangement to leave a tenancy outside of standard Residential Tenancies Act legislation is by negotiation between both parties,” Kaylee said.

“In this instance, I would be getting written confirmation from the owner that you are able to vacate any time you like and that you are only required to pay rent up until and including the day you are handing back keys.”

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Kaylee Ferguson
Kaylee Ferguson
Partner & Head of Property Management at The Property Exchange | [email protected]

Kaylee Ferguson is the Partner & Head of Property Management at The Property Exchange in Subiaco, Western Australia. Kaylee started her career in real estate in 2006 and joined The Property Exchange in 2017 as Head of Property Management. In 2020, she became a shareholder in the company. Kaylee is passionate about educating the world about property management.