Excuses. Property managers and landlords have heard them all. These are a few of our favourites. 

excuses renterexcuses renting laterent myrentislate icantpaymyrentbecause

  1. I clipped my bird’s wing too short and cut a vein. Now it needs an operation so I can’t pay my rent
  2. My rent money was stolen from my house
  3. My girlfriend is pregnant
  4. I have a flat tire, so I can’t get into the office to pay my rent
  5. My power bill is too high
  6. We just bought a new car
  7. I mailed it. Haven’t you got it yet?
  8. If I pay you, I can’t pay my other bills
  9. It’s not even really that late…
  10. I didn’t know it was due already
  11. It was my sister’s birthday so I spent the money on her party
  12. How many more days until it’s really late?
  13. I was in a coma
  14. We’re going to move. Can I have until next week to pay it?
  15. If I pay you now, I won’t have any money until my next pay day
  16. My son lost his job so I had to pay his rent
  17. I can’t drive in the rain
  18. Can I pay two weeks of rent next time?
  19. I don’t think I have time to get onto my online bank and submit it today
  20. I’m waiting for my tax returnHave you heard a better one? Let us know!