You’ve probably gathered that the Australian rental market is currently very tough! Have you found a property you adore and feel ready to apply for? In a bustling market, competition can be fierce, so it’s crucial to make yourself shine in your rental application.

Here are our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

Complete the application properly

While it might seem straightforward, overlooking details can lead to a negative impression. Rental applications commonly require a fair bit of detail, including information about income and your place of employment – If the agent cannot demonstrate to the landlord your ability to meet rental payments and maintain the property, they’ll likely move on to the next applicant.

If you have a pet, be sure to include a resume with plenty of detail and a photo or two. With’s Pet Resume, you and your pet can put your best paw forward in the rental application process.

As. a starting point, you will need the items below to complete your application –

  • 100 points of photo ID
  • Payslips
  • Cover Letter
  • Pet Resume if applicable
  • Rental Ledger
  • Reference Letters

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Prove you are a reliable rent payer

The landlord needs to see that you’ll meet rent deadlines reliably, so evidence of your payment history is crucial.

Your former rental agency can provide a tenant ledger detailing your past payments, while a reference from previous property owners further strengthens your credibility. For those who haven’t rented previously due to property ownership, including evidence of homeownership and a record of mortgage repayments is necessary alongside the application.

If you haven’t rented before or owned a home, you’ll need a guarantor – their details and photo ID will need to be included in your application.

Demonstrate your character

Real estate agents are tasked with recommending ideal tenants to landlords. Beyond paperwork, they assess your character for reasonableness, cleanliness, and reliability.

Some property managers research applicants online and may request written references – have a good think about who you would like your references to be.

Make sure you arrive to the property viewing on time and introduce yourself to the agent, even ask a question or two – first impressions count!

Confirm your income

Recent payslips will be required as part of your application – a good place to start is your last two payslips. Keep in mind that the agent may need to contact your employer to verify income and employment – best to give your employer a heads up!

Follow up

If you have submitted an application and haven’t heard back from the agent yet, it might be worth giving them a call to check in. You never know, they may be in the final stage of deciding between two tenants and you may be one of them.