Renters, let your fingers do the talking… 

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THE renter audience may be skewed towards a female demographic (representing 68% of users), but new data indicates’s unique renter audience is firmly attached to their phones. recently undertook an audience analysis to better understand the needs and wants of the Australian renter marketplace, which revealed more than 50% of renters are choosing to search for their perfect home on their mobile device.


In fact, 58% of renters turn to their mobile in their property search. 71% of renters using their mobile are likely to be women, as opposed to the 29% of men using the device for their search. These renters are largely aged between 18-34, with the second biggest breakdown falling into the 35-44 year old age bracket.

Our data tells us those renters using their mobile are largely going to be returning to to continue their search for their new home, with 57.9% registering as returning visitors. 42.1% of renters using mobile in the audience analysis period were experiencing the portal for the first time.

The trend in mobile device usage compared to all screen use for shows that we’re past the mobile tipping point. This means it’s no longer a case of asking if having a workable mobile-friendly site is important, we know it is!


30% of our users continue to use desktop as their chief form of browser. Here we can see a small shift in the gender breakdown for this device. Males make up 39% of the audience, a 10% increase on mobile users. Females make up the remaining 61%. Renters aged 45-64 favour using their desktop, closely followed by renters aged 25-34.


Don’t worry tablet users, we’ve not forgotten you. But tablets certainly aren’t the top device for today’s consumer. Only 12% of renters in the recent audience analysis registered as using a tablet and they’re largely female (73%). Much like the desktop, tablets are key devices for renters aged 45-64.

OS and Browsers – Where you sit 

Battle of the browsers. Artwork: Hongkiat 

Mac OS X is the least popular operating system by a wide margin, but you might be surprised at who came in at number two and three.

Only 7% of renters came by Mac OS X, while iOS and Android users made up 32% each equally. The remaining renters use Android to search.

Chrome continues to be the most popular browser for renters on (47%), and interestingly more users came (hold your groans) via Internet Explorer (10%) than Firefox (a measly 4%).

Do you favour your mobile when you use Or do you stick by your desktop? Let us know





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