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There’s no doubt about it – saving for a new home can feel like an impossible task.

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Depending on your circumstances, you might be paying rent, raising children, managing debt and more. You feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck, so how are you ever going to save a deposit to buy your first home?

You might have given up long ago, deciding that you’ll rent forever. However, there’s an option for first home buyers with a low deposit, and anyone struggling to stick to a savings plan. Don’t give up hope before reading about HomeSolution by Metricon’s savings plan solution.

Start with $5k + tailored savings plan

When buying your first home, it’s easy to get bogged down in the deposit. All you ever hear from family and friends is “make sure you save at least 10% of the home’s value for your deposit”.

That’s only one option though. The other option is HomeSolution – the first choice for first home buyers.

All you need to get started on your first homeownership journey is $5k. From there, we’ll set you up on a tailored savings plan. We won’t abandon you either – you’ll be introduced to a savings coach from our finance partner, MAB. They’ll work with you to ensure you hit each of your savings milestones and stay on track, so you’ll be in your first home before you know it.

There are incentives to help keep you on track with your savings – that’s part of the fun of the program. These are:

  • When you reach 25% of your savings goal, we’ll upgrade you to a Technika stainless steel dishwasher.
  • When you reach 50% of your savings goal, we’ll upgrade you to 900mm Technika appliances in your kitchen
  • When you reach 75% of your savings goal, we’ll upgrade you to 20mm Caesarstone® benchtops across your kitchen, ensuite and bathroom
  • When you reach 100% of your savings goal, we’ll start building your home!

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Why choose HomeSolution by Metricon?

Tailored to your lifestyle

We’re not going to force you into an unrealistic savings program, and we’re also not going to make you make huge lifestyle sacrifices. We listen to you and work with you to ensure we know your needs, your budget, your ‘can’t live without’ items (everyone deserves UberEats once in a while!) and present you with new home options that work for you.

A package deal

You won’t have to hunt for an appropriate block for your dream home when you choose HomeSolution. We’ll help you find land in one of Australia’s leading estates, and then work with you to build the best home for the block’s configuration. This takes most of the stress out of building your first home – we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

 Fixed pricing

Don’t worry about surprise fees and unexpected costs. We’ll be upfront and honest with you during your home building journey, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what you need to pay. This peace of mind means no sleepless nights worrying about hidden bills or a home missing key features.

Next steps

If you’re in a position where you thought homeownership would never happen for you, get in touch with Metricon’s New Home Advisors today. We offer free consultations so you can find out all the information you need to stop renting and start towards owning your own home.

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Metricon has been building homes for Australians since 1976. With this experience, you can be sure that your home is built to industry-leading standards, and that we'll look after you throughout every step of your exciting home building journey.