home staging

Leasing your investment property can be quite the process. Between the preparation and organisation to the final execution, there is a lot to consider when it comes time to open the doors to potential tenants.

Although you may not be an esteemed real estate agent or interior designer, there are still realistic steps you can take as a homeowner to increase the interest and glamour of your property. For help leasing your property as quickly as possible, try out these four tips to get you started.

1. Clean, rearrange, and depersonalise your space

Before your listing goes live, a great place to start is cleaning your property and making it look like something people will actually want to buy. This can be as easy as vacuuming rugs, cleaning counters and appliances, touching up wall paint, among other things.

Rearranging your interior design is a great tactic as well, especially during open houses. A great way to visualise this is to create an open floor plan that will make for easy foot traffic during the event.

Arguably the most important tip however for readying your property is depersonalising it. Although it may have the pazazz and character of your interests, it’s important to simplify design so that potential tenants can recreate their own vision of living in that space.

Overall, when it comes to spiffing up the interior of your property for a showing to potential customers, be sure it’s a true and elegant representation of the home. Since you are in fact leasing the space to someone, you want the suitors to feel welcome in the home and allow them to imagine themselves in their new space.

2. Stage the outdoors too

As important as the interior of the house is, it’s also important to remember to stage the outdoors as well. From the front porch to the backyard, the exterior of the property is how neighbours and others will view and judge your property.

In the backyard, update your deck’s paint and make sure to maintain your patio furniture to give a welcoming appearance to those who come to view the home. In the front of your home, be sure your porch is tidy, shutters and windows look great, and keep the overall health of your exterior up to par.

Adjusting the outdoor appearance of your property along with a little creativity can help burst your curb appeal and close a deal as quickly as possible.

3. Promote it online

It may sound obvious, but getting as many eyes on your property listing is always a great way to spread the word. Along with putting your listing on a dedicated rental property website like Rent.com.au, try utilising social media to promote your property. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all great places to start for providing details and photos of your property.

Creating event pages online are also great tools to promote open house events. Developing and registering these events through event ticketing platforms can help give a sneak peek of the property, learn a little bit more about the property owner, as well as serve as a platform to ask questions!

Extending your reach to the online community is extremely important. Sharing and promoting on these platforms will only create a buzz about your listing.

4. Develop a relationship with visitors

Personalising your listing and attaching your face and name to your property will help quicken the leasing process and ease the stress for prospective tenants. It’s important to remember that establishing your humanity, compassion, and trustworthiness with potential customers will help speed the process of finding a potential suitor.

After all, renting a home is a personal and professional financial decision, so making sure the tenant is a great person will make the paperwork and business portion of the leasing go smoother.

Another great way to get friendly with your potential tenants is developing genuine relationships and having great conversations with those who are interested. Especially at home staging events, even greeting attendees at the door with a smile can go along way.

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