Moving to a new house can be both exciting as you’re starting a new chapter of your life, but also stressful because there’s lots to organise and fair few costs.


When we move it’s the perfect time to have a clean out and replace anything that’s getting old or worn such and whether we really need it. It’s also a great time to replace items and upgrade to new to suit your new place.

That’s where geddit comes in to help you make the transition easier and less of a burden financially. Geddit has some tips on how to make your move smooth and your new home fresh.

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Make Your Moving Wish List

To avoid costs sneaking up on you throughout the move, make a list of what you might need as you start to pack up.

  • Fridge on the fritz or won’t fit into the new space? It’s probably time to get a new one. If you get it delivered to the new house you can leave the old one behind – No one wants to move a clunky fridge.
  • Is your TV too small or too big for your new living room? Upgrade to the latest and greatest and get the old one set up in the bedroom for chill time or hand it over to the kids.
  • Has your washing machine been moving on its own? Perhaps your old fridge needs some company on the side of the road. New washers have great features and can reduce your power bills if they’re more energy efficient.
  • Does your current furniture match your new house’s style, or is it just too well loved? Start fresh and impress your housewarming guests with your new style.

Set a Budget

Moving to a new house can be tight financially. It’s important to figure out what you can afford to spend, while still leaving some cash for other expenses. Work out a budget for your wish list, and prioritise the items most important to you. You can also learn about the different ways, to get what you want. You’d be surprised at how little it costs to finance new items, and it is certainly a lot less strain on your savings than paying for things outright. Either way, whether you want to buy or finance the gear you need, geddit has a Price Match Guarantee to ensure you get a good deal.

Rent & Keep the Big-Ticket Stuff

You can stick to your budget even when you need new items for your new home by getting a rent & keep it agreement. You can take your items home straight away, make affordable weekly payments and then pay nothing more at the end of the plan. This is a handy way to take the financial stress out of moving by freeing up more of your week-to-week budget. Gedd!t also has a rent & upgrade it option, where you can grab new models as they come out. Learn more about the benefits of renting here.

Consider Different Ways to Get What You Want

Renting home appliances, furniture and technology is a great way to get what you need today. Why? It’s easy, and you don’t need the cash up front. Renting can be an affordable way to reduce the initial hit of big-ticket items like fridges, washers and furniture while sticking to your budget. Also, when you rent from a reputable retailer like geddit, you have the extra peace of mind that is anything goes wrong, it will get fixed for free. To learn about more the benefits of renting click here.

If you’ve not considered renting before and are new to geddit then check out what we’re all about here.

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