As a landlord, would you like to worry less about your property? 

Do you know what the most common home emergencies you or your tenants are likely to encounter in your investment property? Have you ever encountered any of these issues?

home emergency cover

This article has been sponsored by Mapfre Home Emergency Assistance

The most common home emergencies

Glass emergencies

  • Broken glass windows
  • Broken glass doors

Electrical emergencies

  • A power failure to your home
  • Blackout
  • Damaged heating or cooling system

Plumbing emergencies

  • Burst pipes, taps or shower heads
  • Blocked toilets, pipes or drains
  • Damaged hot water system
  • Gas leaks

If you, or your current tenants have an emergency at your home, you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

With MAPFRE Home Emergency Assistance, your property’s big (and small) emergencies are dealt with, so you don’t have to. MAPFRE can help you manage situations causing or threatening to cause damage to your home – 24 hours a day, every day. For life threatening situations, call 000 for emergency assistance.

MAPFRE Home Emergency Assistance 

MAPFRE Home Emergency Assistance is comparable to roadside assistance, except for your home. For one easy and affordable membership fee, you can have access to a trusted network of tradesmen who will be there to assist you with the most common home emergencies (as listed above).

What’s involved? 

  • For a one off annual fee of $199, you get up to 5 call-outs a year, with up to $350 worth of cover for each emergency with MAPFRE
    • MAPFRE tradies are available 24/7, every day of the year, including public holidays.
    • No call-out fees.
    • MAPFRE’s tradies aim to be at your property within one hour to attend to your home emergency.
    • MAPFRE provides a 12-month guarantee on all repairs.
    • MAPFRE will pay the tradie.

I have Home and Contents insurance. Why do I need MAPFRE home emergency cover?

Home and Contents Insurance (Landlords’ Insurance) is a must-have for homeowners and investors, but it often won’t cover the same things as Home Emergency Assistance. You might be able to claim on Home and Contents for the damage caused to your property by an event – but it probably won’t help you find a reliable tradesman fast, or cover the cost of repairs.

With MAPFRE when your tenant reports that something is wrong with your property, all you they have to do is call MAPFRE, and they will take care of the repairs.

Consider this: No more fumbling around to find the right tradie, wondering if they are available, leaving voicemails, waiting for call-backs… and worrying about how much it’s all going to cost you in the long run.

At MAPFRE, all of their tradies are fully licensed, vetted, experienced and trustworthy. They’ve already done the hard work before bringing them into their network so that you don’t have to worry about whether your fix-it job is going to be a bodge-job.

Are you ready to worry less about your property?
Learn more about MAPFRE Home Emergency Assistance here or phone them on 1300 727 457.

This article has been sponsored by Mapfre Home Emergency Assistance