“I’ve been on holiday and returned today to find a letter in my mailbox from my property manager saying the owner has sold the property. The expectation is that I will vacate within 2 weeks. I had no email notifying me of this while I was away. Am I within my rights to ask for an extension past this date?” – Tenant, NSW

We asked Senior Property Manager at Mint360property, Nancy Vieria, for her advice.

Nancy said that if you are not on a fixed-term lease agreement and the appropriate termination notice has been served, your request for an extension can be refused, especially if the property has been sold with vacant possession.

“Unfortunately for the tenant, the landlord does not need to be able to prove the tenant received the notice,” she said.

“The proof will be in that the agent properly served the notice.”

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The concept of extending your vacate data isn’t uncommon among tenants – moving out and needing to find a new place to live can make life very stressful, especially when the notice is unexpected.

Consider staying with family and friends and hiring some storage space while you try to find your new home.

Failure to vacate your property by the termination date could have severe ramifications for your rental history. Depending on the circumstances, it could affect your ability to rent in the future.

Remember that your property manager is acting in the instruction of the landlord and legislation requirements. If you have questions about the terms of your lease agreement, get in touch with your agent and ask for help.

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Nancy Vieria
Nancy Vieria
Senior Property Manager at Mint360property

Nancy Vieria is the Senior Property Manager at Mint360property in Randwick, New South Wales. Mint360property's expert real estate team has a combined 150 years of industry experience. The company provide expertise and services across sales, property management, project marketing, commercial/retail sales and management. The office was founded in 2010 and is privately held.