Photo: Pxhere.“Regarding gas heaters and fireplace repair: Who is actually responsible for the maintenance of these in my rental?” – Jane

We asked Professionals Lithgow Licensee, Tina Case for her advice.

“Our office is situated in a very cold area, so heating is something that we are always conscious of here,” Tina said.

“The repair to heating is considered the landlord’s responsibility.”

“Heating is actually listed in the lease as an urgent repair as well, so it is something that will need to be attended to as quickly as possible during the cold winter months.”

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Tina said that as a tenant, you are responsible for ensuring that you are looking after your heating.

“This will mean making sure that you are cleaning your filters regularly and keeping them
free of dust, etc,” she said.

“Just keep in mind that if there is an issue with heating, very often parts need to be ordered and this can take time, depending on the area where you live.”

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tina case
Tina Case

Winner - Professionals International Property Manager of the Year 2015, Property Manager of the Year - Regional 2015 - Real Estate Business Awards.