No matter the size of your apartment, there’s always room somewhere for hanging plants. Here are 7 plants that will add colour and interest to any balcony, doorway or deck.

hanging plants
There are many types of hanging plants that enjoy growing in a hanging pot so they can stream down as each new piece grows. Photo: StockSnap/Pixabay.

Devil’s Ivy

Sometimes referred to as Pathos, Devil’s Ivy will thrive indoors with little light and little water. These little beauties will withstand varying temperatures and are perfect for a hanging pot. Those vibrant green leaves will grow into a lush green cascade in no time.

String of Pearls

You’ll know this succulent when you see it – the String of Pearls plant gets its name from its pea-sized green foliage. These leaves closely resemble a beaded necklace – hence the name. It’s easy to care for and is becoming increasingly popular with plant lovers everywhere.

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The Staghorn is an air plant, so it doesn’t need soil and will usually grow from a backing board, so you can happily hang these just as you would a picture frame. The Staghorn plant likes humidity but will grow just about anywhere in filtered light.

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String of Hearts

The String of Hearts is termed a succulent vine. Plant lovers appreciate this little gem for its trailing heart-studded vines. They’re low maintenance and will survive on very little care.

Burro’s Tail

Sedum morganianum, more commonly known as Burro’s Tail or Donkey Tail, is a light green trailing plant. As with most succulents, your Burro’s Tail won’t take overwatering, especially during the winter months when it’s pretty dormant. Hang your Burro’s Tail in a window or area where it’ll get full sun and you’ll see some changes in the colour of the leaves.

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String of Nickels

The String of Nickels is another trailing succulent plant with interesting foliage. The plant has round gray-green leaves which look like small coin hanging from a string.


A what? A kokedama is a form of the Japanese art of bonsai. You can make a kokedama by removing a plant from a pot and forming it into a ball of soil, held together with string and moss. These are easily hung from some string and look fantastic.

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