Your apartment might be cosy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in a touch of green magic.

Whether you’re working with a spacious balcony, a charming doorway, or a stylish deck, there’s always a spot for hanging plants to thrive.

Get ready to unlock a burst of colour and life with these seven plants about to level up your apartment game.

1. Devil’s Ivy: A cascading wonder

Known by the name Pathos, Devil’s Ivy is your ultimate indoor green companion.

Don’t let the name fool you – this beauty thrives on minimal light and water.

It’s a survivor, adapting to various temperature ranges, and a perfect fit for a hanging pot.

With its vibrant green leaves, Devil’s Ivy transforms into a lush cascade that adds an air of enchantment to your space.

2. String of Pearls: Nature’s necklace

Behold the succulent sensation – the String of Pearls.

Its pea-sized green foliage resembles a delicate beaded necklace, lending elegance to your surroundings.

This succulent’s popularity is on the rise, and for good reason. String of Pearls demands little maintenance and has captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts everywhere.


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3. Staghorn: A living work of art

Meet the Staghorn, an air plant that defies convention.

This unique plant doesn’t require soil and often grows from a backing board, making it a living masterpiece you can proudly hang like a picture frame.

With a preference for humidity and a knack for thriving in filtered light, the Staghorn adapts to various settings, adding an artistic touch to any space.

4. String of Hearts: Love in every trail

Discover the succulent vine known as the String of Hearts.

Its trailing vines, adorned with charming heart-shaped leaves, evoke feelings of tenderness and care.

As low-maintenance as it is captivating, the String of Hearts thrives on minimal attention, surviving with grace even when given the barest care.

5. Burro’s Tail: Nature’s elegance unveiled

The Burro’s Tail, or Donkey Tail, is a verdant trailing plant that radiates elegance.

Like most succulents, it prefers light watering, particularly during its dormant winter months.

Place it in a sun-kissed window to witness the leaves’ colours transform, enhancing your apartment’s aesthetic allure.

6. String of Nickels: Coins of green inspiration

Experience the allure of the String of Nickels, another captivating trailing succulent.

Its unique round, grey-green leaves create an illusion of tiny coins suspended from delicate strings.

An eye-catching conversation starter, this plant adds a touch of whimsy to your apartment.

7. Kokedama: A sphere of green serenity

Now, let’s dive into the artistry of kokedama – a Japanese bonsai technique that elevates hanging plants into stunning spheres. By moulding plants into soil-packed balls held together with moss and string, you create living sculptures that dangle gracefully from above. Kokedama redefines green decor, offering a serene and visually striking addition to your apartment.