More than 500,000 people have now created a Renter Resume, one of Australia’s most comprehensive renter profile applications.

“This is a great achievement for RENT. In only a little over two years, our Renter Resume has already been used by more than 500,000 people to help them get into their next home. A really pleasing aspect is that we are now seeing many of our earliest customers returning to update their Resumes as they start looking for their next home,” RENT CEO Greg Bader said.

“We continue to see Renter Resume grow in popularity. On January 3, we broke new records with our first day of over 1,000 Resumes created and since then, we have reset this record over a dozen times. Whilst the start of the year is always a busy time, we are seeing a 25% increase in Resumes compared to the equivalent period last year.”

App having an impact

The RENT App is having a clear impact on Renter Resume volumes; the very nature of the app means the creation of a Renter Resume is simpler and more intuitive. A little less than half of RENT’s Resumes now come via the App.

“There will obviously be some cross cannibalisation between the platforms, but one of the
interesting comparison aspects between the two is that the App is very much an after-hours or weekend platform of choice,” explained Mr Bader.

“It’s not surprising, given that this is prime viewing time for properties and the simple ‘one touch’ application process lets you apply for the home before you have even left the building,” he said.

Extending reach into the tenancy period

RentPay on the RENT App, to be launched in March 2019“We continue to improve our app to make it easier for renters to find their next home,
but we really expect the app to come into its own during the tenancy period,” said Mr Bader.

“Having already downloaded the app to use the unique and innovative search features, customers can access other services which provide utility and functionality during their whole tenancy period.

“This is inline with RENT’s strategic objectives of growing our relationship with renters by providing products and services that actually make renting easier.”

Launching this month is a major release that will see RentPay (RENT’s rental payments product) incorporated into an app for the first time. This will be available to all existing RentPay customers and will open up the product to 1,000’s of new customers who can sign up to RentPay and schedule their payments, instantly see when their rent is due, download their payment history and even make payments on the spot.

“We are very excited about this product expansion,” said Mr Bader. “We have spent a lot of time honing RentPay since we made the strategic decision to acquire it last year, focusing on listening to and understanding what our Agent and Renter customers want. We have responded by bringing customer service back to Australia, have improved service levels and opening hours and we have completed many technology enhancements to improve the reliability and performance of the system.

“Now we get to take RentPay to the next level by incorporating it into the app and further expanding the product features over time, providing a seamless experience from Renter Resume through to RentPay.”

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