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Moving house marks the start of a new era. It’s an extremely exciting time that kicks off a new step in your life and offers the opportunity for a fresh start.

But before all that, you’ll need to work your way through the move. It doesn’t need to be difficult, however, and between these eight moving hacks and booking a moving truck for hire, the day will be a breeze.

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Get snap happy

Get your phone out and take clear photos of all your electronic setup before pulling out all the cords willy nilly. This will help you plug everything back in just the way it was when you arrive. 

Use garbage bags for more than just garbage

Take the hassle out of moving clothes by grouping them together on their coat hangers, then pulling a large black garbage bag down over top (make a hole in the bottom of the bag for the hanger hooks to poke through). Then you can just pick the whole lot up in one go without shirts falling off their hangers or rogue jackets getting lost along the way.  

Pack dishes like you would in a dishwasher

Instead of sitting your plates on top of one another, stack them in a moving box the same way you would in a dishwasher. They’re less likely to break this way, and you can use your tea towels to avoid chips.

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Write on the sides of your boxes

Writing on the top of a box makes sense when you’re standing over it after packing it – but not when you’re unloading from the truck and can only see the sides. Put your descriptions on the sides (two or three ideally in case the box gets turned around).

Hire what you need 

There’s no need to buy all of those moving supplies you’ll need on the day. Instead, simply hire your moving supplies such as trolleys, packing tape rollers, and more with your moving truck. A truck will make the whole day that much easier, especially if you grab one with a hydraulic lift for those heavy objects.

Start with the heaviest objects

Put those weighty objects – such as fridges, couches, and tables – into the truck first. You can then pack smaller and lighter objects in the gaps, and you won’t have to worry about heavy things falling from the top.

Unpack beds first

Make a box or two of bedding that you can unpack as soon as you arrive. This way, no matter how far you make it with unpacking everything else, you’ll have beds made up and ready as soon as you decide to call it a night.

Don’t scrimp on the pizza 

Ordering a pizza delivery for the day you move into a new home is practically tradition. You’ll be tired and hungry after all that work, and nothing hits the spot (or takes less preparation and cleaning up) than a stack of hot pizzas for you and all your helpers.


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