Wet weather is a fact of life for a few months of the year. Thankfully, there are ways to work around the wet weather and keep your belongings safe and spirit high in the process.

Prepare your new home in advance

Wet weather can create a mess at your new place when you’re moving – especially when your focus is on getting your items safely inside. If you have movers walking to and from the truck to your house, consider placing towels or tarps near your front door and hallway. This will prevent mud and water from coming inside.

Top tip: Keep towels at the ready to dry off boxes and bags before you leave them in the house.

Pack your belongings securely

Moving boxes are typically made of cardboard – which is fine for a move when the weather is sunny and warm. But imagine moving house in wet weather! Cardboard boxes can become soggy when wet and naturally become less secure for housing your belongings. The good news is that cardboard is a lot stronger than it seems. As long as you pack your boxes securely, your boxes should easily survive a move in the rain.

Top tip: Strong, adhesive packing over all sides of your moving boxes should do the trick 😉

Protect your items from the wet weather

Not all your items will pack easily into boxes. You’re not going to fit your couch or bed into anything easily, so you need to protect them from any wet weather. Wrap your items or place large rubbish bags over them to shield them from the rain. If you need to protect your larger items, a tarp or some sheets will do the trick.

Top tip: Your items can become slippery when wet. Move with caution or find something stable to hold onto.

Assess the weather before you dress for the day

It’s a great idea to pack everything you own securely and make sure you keep your items dry, but don’t forget to think about your own wellbeing on the day. Ensure you choose some non-slip shoes or shoes that have good grip. Bring a wet-weather jacket too because it’s unlikely that you’ll have a free hand to carry an umbrella.

Top tip: If you prepared towels in your doorway, make sure you thoroughly wipe your feet on them. You don’t want to slip on the floor of your new house!

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