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“I left some items behind at my rental when I vacated in July. Am I entitled to the return of my goods? Should I ask my previous property manager for help?” – Tenant, NSW

We asked Managing Director at Murray Property, Michael Murray, for his advice on this question:

Michael said that in NSW, your landlord or agent must give you notice of any left behind items.

[This notice must advise] “that ordinary goods will be disposed of after 14 days,” he said. “Personal documents will be disposed of after 90 days.”

“I recommend contacting your property manager to see if they may have stored your possessions on your behalf.”

How do you define ‘Goods?’

This can include:

  • ‘ordinary’ goods
  • personal documents
  • perishable items and rubbish

Personal documents include:

  • a birth certificate, passport or another identity document
  • bank books, financial statements or documents
  • photographs and other personal memorabilia
  • licences or other documents conferring authorities, rights or qualifications.

Disposal of goods

Your landlord/agent may dispose of the items in any lawful manner (such as donating them to charity, having the local council collect them or selling them).

If they sell them, the landlord/agent must keep a record of the possessions sold. On your request, they must pay you the proceeds of the sale – less any occupation fee and the reasonable costs of the sale.

For information on the collection and disposal of goods as it applies to your state or territory, contact the tenancy authority where you live.

Michael Murray
Michael Murray

Michael Murray is the Managing Director at Murray Property Agents in Paddington, New South Wales. He is a respected real estate agent with over 17 years of experience and a track record of achieving leasing and sales results. Michael has been working with the office since 2014. He holds Certificates 3 and 4 in Property Services, a Diploma of Property Services (Real Estate), an Advanced Diploma of Property Services (Valuation), and is a licensed Real Estate Agent.