We’ll give you a $100 Gift Card when you find your new rental property through Rent.com.au.

Shifting house can be tough. Between transporting your stuff to your new place and paying off the rental bond, moving can leave you a little cash-strapped. But how good would it be to score a $100 Gift Card next time you’re approved for a property on Rent.com.au?

Pick up some new towels and accessories, treat yourself to a massage, splurge on a hi-fi system, or cover your weekly groceries. Whatever you dig, the Rent.com.au $100 Gift Card will get you sorted. After all, who wouldn’t want to reduce a little moving stress?

WA renter Beau created his Renter Resume on Rent.com.au and used it to apply for a number of properties. He was successfully accepted into a rental attached to a $100 Gift Card.

“Applying with my Renter Resume was straightforward – I’d definitely recommend going through Rent.com.au to anyone searching for properties,” he said. “To pick up the Gift Card on the side was a big bonus.”

“I spent the $100 on household items and cleaning equipment, which will be hugely helpful while I settle into my new place.”

Rent.com.au has made it easy to score this freebie.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Look for properties on Rent.com.au that carry this gift icon.

Step 2

You must Enquire or Apply for the rental property online through Rent.com.au. Tip: When you do, use your Renter Resume.

Step 3

Get accepted into the property by the Property Manager.

Step 4

Sign into your Rent.com.au account and complete My New Home. Now you can go shopping!

How do I know if my property is eligible?

When you’re searching for properties on Rent.com.au, look for property ads that have the Gift Icon in the top left-hand corner.

Here’s an example:

Where can I spend my $100 Gift Card?

Once you’ve made your property claim and receive your Gift Card instructions, you can spend your $100 gift at any of the below retailers. Can’t choose just one? You can spread the value across multiple retailers if you like! It’s entirely up to you.

Got questions?

Check out our FAQS on this page to see if your question has been answered. If not, get in touch! Call Rent.com.au’s Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 or email support@rent.com.au

Terms and conditions apply. Check them out here.


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  1. My lease expires in Sept. I would like to move to WA and rent in the Mandurrah area. Looking for quiet area house or unit. Budget up to $300 per week. 1 or 2 bedroom close to beach.