Couple thinking of renting a home, are you ready to rent?
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Ready to discover your dream rental property? Don’t jump in headfirst without being prepared! Our guide will equip you with all the necessary knowledge to confidently navigate the renting landscape.

Assess the property’s suitability for you

Before renting a property, make sure it’s a perfect fit. Check the condition, security, and location to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Choosing a suitable property will make your renting experience more enjoyable.

Get everything you need in one place

Get ready to impress your potential landlord or property manager by gathering the required identification! Remember to bring your driver’s licence, passport, and bank card. Have a record of your current and previous addresses and the contact details of your last landlord or property manager. By providing comprehensive identification information, you’ll increase your chances of being a trustworthy tenant.

Demonstrate your financial capability

If you want to rent, prove you’re a reliable paymaster! Gather your employment contract, payslips, and references. Sometimes, a guarantor is needed.

Create an application checklist

Before you go to property viewings, get organised! Create a checklist with all your rental-related info and fill out a rental application form. Remember to include details about your furry friends and any other occupants, plus contact info for your rental referees. Want to dazzle potential landlords? Create a Renter Resume with extra details about yourself. And if you have pets, a Pet Resume could seal the deal!

Do you have your finances in order?

Ensure you have the cash for the rental bond and the first month’s rent. Landlords usually want both upfront. Are you strapped for cash between rentals? Check out RentBond – it’s a great bond loan option for users.

Submit your application

Ready to apply? Make sure your application is complete with all required documents and accurate information, then submit it promptly to the landlord or property manager.

Make an informed decision

Take your time when choosing your next home. Compare properties, crunch the numbers, and consider affordability. Be sure to understand the terms for securing the property.

Demonstrate courtesy

Be a pro when dealing with landlords and property managers – arrive on time for appointments! No-shows are a big no-no and could ruin your chances of getting the rental you want. So, be courteous and professional – it’ll pay off!

Your persistence will pay off

Don’t give up! The perfect rental may take some work to find. Keep your chin up, stay open-minded, and search on trustworthy platforms like