“When I move into my rental, can I expect that it has been fumigated if pets were on the property previously?” Tenant, QLD

When the previous tenant had pets

If you rent a property that previously had pets living in the house, the former tenant will have likely been required to provide proof the property was professionally cleaned after their vacate.

Tip: Your landlord/agent should have noted in your Property Condition Report/Entry Condition Report that the house is free of pests (e.g. fleas or cockroaches) and attached a receipt as proof. As the new tenant in the property, it will be up to you to prove the property is pest free when you leave the property.

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The humidity in Queensland is an ideal breeding ground for fleas. Current tenancy legislation requires that tenants get written permission in their tenancy agreement to have a pet in their rental property, and also stipulates that they are responsible for any damage caused to the property by their pets. The special terms can also stress that tenants have the property fumigated and the carpets cleaned when their tenancy is up.

Example 1: The Special Terms of a tenant's agreement may state - "If birds or animals have been kept at the premises, to pay for the premises to be fumigated and deodorised by a professional fumigator."

If you discover vermin/pests after you move in

If you do not discover pests or vermin in your rental property until you move in, you should immediately contact the owner/agent by phone.

It’s also a good idea to notify the owner/agent in writing. Consider attaching a copy of your letter to your Property Condition Report if this has not already been submitted. You should request that the owner take steps to eradicate the pests immediately, including fumigation if deemed necessary.

The sooner you contact your owner/agent and notify them of a pest/vermin problem, the less likely that they will be able to claim the infestation was a result of your tenancy.

If this doesn’t quite answer your question, or if have further questions specific to tenancy laws in your state, you’ll find contact details for Tenants Queensland, the Residential Tenancies Authority and more here.

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