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“The front door lock on my rental is dodgy. The key constantly gets stuck and the lock is loose. Despite asking for a repair, the owner has told the agent he won’t fix it. It’s a major safety issue. Doesn’t an owner have to fix security issues like this?” – Aimee (QLD)

Aimee, we spoke to Jessica Fargher, Leasing Agent with Richardson and Wrench – South Brisbane for her advice on the subject.

“As per standard terms section 28 (1) of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, the lessor must supply and maintain all locks necessary to ensure that the premises are reasonably secure,” Jessica said.

“The lessor is obligated to fix the lock as soon as possible, or this would become a breach of the general tenancy agreement.”

As a tenant, if you choose to make an application to a tribunal (in this instance the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) about a lock or key for the premises, *the tribunal may make any of the following orders about locks or keys for the premises –

  • an order requiring your landlord to supply a lock, or a lock of a particular kind;
  • an order requiring the lessor to carry out stated maintenance of a lock; or
  • an order authorising your landlord (or you as the tenant) to change a lock.

Further to this: *In making an order, the tribunal may have regard to the following –

  • the likelihood of risk to your personal safety;
  • the likelihood of break-ins or other unlawful entry to the premises or nearby premises;
  • local community standards about adequate security for premises;
  • the physical characteristics of the premises and adjoining areas; and
  • anything else the tribunal considers relevant.

*  Chapter 3 – Rights and obligations of parties for residential tenancies / Division 2 – Locks and keys.

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Jessica Fargher

Jessica started out in property management a number of years ago and fell in love with the challenging, fast paced environment. Jessica is very organised and level-headed, perfectly suited to the demanding role.