Fresh flowers for your home decor

Choosing between flowers you like and those that fit your home decor can be a difficult task. Bring the bloom back into your rooms with these tips.

Guest post by Fresh Flowers

It can be hard to choose between the flowers we love, and those we feel will fit our decor style.

Read on to learn how to match flowers with your rooms and home-style, regardless of how cosy or airy it is.

Buds to honour traditional decor

“Tradition” embodies an established way of doing things, and in terms of Western decorating, this usually refers to the now antique style of Victorian and Edwardian manors. These homes were grand, studded with mahogany furniture, Persian rugs and fine porcelain or glassware. A high ornamental value was also attached to lush plants and fresh flowers.

Flowers offer a burst of colour to shine against wooden or antique furniture for traditional decor. You might like to evoke a bygone era with these gorgeous blooms:

  • Roses: Iconic red roses or pure white roses in a clear vase will draw attention to any table, or you can hang them in a variety of baskets or ceramic pots for an earthier look.
  • Tulips: Any coloured tulip in a tall vase will do the job to make a small corner seem larger.
  • Lilies: Traditionally, white lilies are the go and are great when featured at the entrance of your home in a clear glass or white porcelain vase.

Look no further than the simple pot, vase, or basket for a touch of class. For pots and vases, glass or coloured ceramic are your best choices. Wicker baskets will also do for the outdoor terrace.

Blooms for homes with the bare minimum

Minimalist decor strips the room down to the bare necessities on a theme of “less is more”. Well-placed accents are crucial to a minimalist style, and flowers are the best way to make your home pop with colour.

If the elegance and liberation of clutter-free is your game, then try out these beautiful flowers for size:

  • Chrysanthemums: Pink or purple chrysanthemums will add a new size dimension to small or low tables.
  • Roses: White roses are neutral in tone and can be paired with other flowers for a pleasing combination arrangement on your desk or dining table.
  • Orchids: Red, orange, purple, no matter. These slender blooms are great accents when placed against walls.

When going minimalist, you can use everyday objects to display your flowers. Anything from glass bottles, jars, buckets or even a wheelbarrow will create a rustic and minimal tone in and around your home.

Flowers for a contemporary style

Contemporary decor can be crudely funnelled into two broad streams. The first draws upon the popular abstract art styles of the later 20th century, incorporating vibrant colours and sharp shapes into the room. The other is urban, utilising metals, timbers and a neutral colour palette.

Large flower arrangements are excellent for those inspired by the contemporary style. If that’s you, then here are a few fragrant buds to complement your taste:

  • Tulips: A bunch of white, pink, yellow or red tulips will add the final touch to your table, desk or stand.
  • Lilies: A combination arrangement using white or yellow lilies will accent small or large kitchens alike to perfection.
  • Orchids: Go wild with an array of orchids in your living room to impress guests and facilitate reflection after a long day.

Simple containers work best for contemporary style rooms, and feel free to get creative. Jars, tins, paint cans, and concrete blocks can service your industrial theme, or for the more refined side of contemporary slender vases, large ceramic pots and wire baskets will do the trick.

But I don’t have a style!

Yes, you do! Even if you don’t prescribe to what we’ve listed above, your home is styled a custom scheme of your own creation, and that’s exciting!

To incorporate a floral element, take note of the colours in your rooms, the materials of the furniture, and the amount of clutter. With this in mind, you can pot, basket, or vase some beautiful fresh flowers to liven any day.

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