Rental Tips

If you are thinking about renting, is the place to learn about tips and support available to help you find the right place.

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What sort of place do you need?

When you choose a rental property, there are many things to consider, including:

  • How much rent can you afford?
  • Do you want to bring pets into your new home?
  • Would you prefer a house, unit or townhouse?
  • How many bedrooms will you need?
  • Does the property you like have gas, electricity or both?
  • Would you prefer to have your property managed by a landlord or a property manager?
  • Will you have to pay for water use?
  • Will you need to park your car on the street or in a garage?
  • Do you a well-fenced backyard for your pets?
  • Are the smoke alarms working?
  • Are the blinds or curtains (if included) in good, working condition?
  • Is traffic or surrounding noise going to be an issue?
  • Is there a phone line?
  • If there’s no phone line, what will be the cost of connection?
  • Can you pick up good mobile phone reception inside the property?
  • Are there leaking taps?
  • Is there a television antenna and good TV reception?
  • Are there locks on all the doors and windows for your safety?

Find the perfect rental for you

You can search for a place on the market using today!

With hundreds-of-thousands of listings from agents and private landlords Australia-wide, you’ll be sure to find your perfect rental on

You’ll also find great advice, tips and services to make the transition to your new home as easy as it can be.

When searching, look for:

  • Properties in a specific suburb or surrounding area
  • Different property types, including units / apartments and houses
  • Properties within your price range
  • The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces at the property