finding granny flats
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If you’d like to live somewhere with a backyard, want to bring your pets with you or simply want to save a little money, leasing a granny flat could be worth considering.

They’re a good alternative to an apartment

Many people like the idea of renting a granny flat over renting an apartment. It can give you access to a backyard, which could mean that it’s also pet-friendly. You may find utilities are often included in the rent because of the complications of separate metering. While it’s similar to apartment living, one big bonus is not having to share your property with other residents next door – no unwanted noise coming from the floor above you!

Less is more

Despite being somewhat similar to the Tiny House movement, Google isn’t flooded with blogs on ‘Why granny flat-living transformed my life’. That being said, this property type can offer many of the benefits that come with living in a smaller space. Consider this: It’s a little like living in a miniature house. With less room, you’ll be less inclined to overcrowd your living space and accumulate too many things.

The rent can be cheaper

Whether you rent the external property itself or have the option to live in the main house while other tenants occupy the external property, you may be able to negotiate a reduced rent for having to live on the same property with other people.

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Finding the right granny flat for your lifestyle

What type of property is best for you?

When it comes to finding your next rental home, the market is going to be different wherever where you search. You could be looking at a basic set-up, through to something more stylish and renovated. If you’d like to stay for the long term, but don’t think the rental price is right, consider a more affordable option or you may be wanting to move sooner than later.

Another important factor to consider is your landlord. Will they be living in the main house? You need to know you can happily coexist with your landlord and share the backyard with them. When you go to view the property, ask plenty of questions that will help you understand what your living situation will be like.

Is your tenancy official?

Don’t forget that lease agreement

If you are renting a granny flat in a state/territory that permits it, you need a signed, written agreement with your landlord. Do not move in without one. In an ideal world, your lease will go off without a hitch, but rental agreements can fall apart. Don’t risk not having an official, signed formal agreement to protect yourself. Your lease agreement should include things like the date you moved into the property, the terms of your rent, and any responsibilities or entitlements you have been promised.

Finding granny flats for lease is a great place to start your search for your next rental home because we advertise on behalf of agents and private landlords around Australia. To start your rental property search, simply open the website, enter the suburb names you’re interested in and click Search. Don’t forget: You can add filters to improve your search (i.e. type of property, your weekly budget, number of bedrooms). If you have any questions about sending enquiries or applications, call the team on 1300 736 810.