Hunting for the perfect family-friendly rental? Your next property has to be safe, in a good neighbourhood and close to amenities. Take these considerations into account when searching for the perfect home for your family.

Be sure to tick all of your boxes to guarantee that you and your family live in a secure and comfortable environment. Photo: iStock/evgenyatamanenko.

Schools and childcare

School proximity is important, but try to take your kids’ ages into account here. The house you love right now might be walking distance to a primary school, but it could be less convenient next year when your children need to attend high school – on the other side of town. Close day care centres are also worth checking out in your potential neighbourhood.

The overall location

Everything from public gardens to nearby restaurants and shopping complexes has the potential to make or break the love for your new home. If you can live within walking distance to your office or other places that you’ll frequently visit, you’ll be able to save plenty of time and money too! When looking for the right location in your area, consider the following:

  • Would you like easy access to community amenities? (i.e the beach, playgrounds, pools).
  • Be honest about your priorities when it comes to location.
  • Are you looking to stay for the short or long term?
  • Make your decision based on the needs of your family, not just you.

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Your family’s safety is imperative. Safety first, always – especially when searching for your next rental property. A host of issues may arise when families start searching for rentals. You should ask if childproofing is allowed – can you install gates or cabinet safety locks to keep your children out of harm’s way? If your property is old, consider whether the decor is right for your family. Could your little one break off bits of your chic exposed brick wall in their mouth?

Potential hazards

If apartment living is where you’re headed, keep in mind that not all apartments and apartment complexes are built with kids in mind. When you’re looking for a home, keep an eye out for any potential problem spots. Are the railings and balconies secure? Make sure the railing is high and sturdy. Low windows can also be hazardous. Ideally, window locks should be out of reach or have child locks. Ensure every window lock actually works. Narrow stairs can also be hard and dangerous for toddlers to climb – look out for wide, carpeted stairs where possible.

Local amenities

The amenities that are important to you might be the same as those for your kids. Does the apartment complex have a pool? Make sure it’s secured and not accessible to children. Look for a fenced in yard. If there’s play equipment, check the stability of the swing sets or tree houses. If you need an apartment, an on-site washer and dryer will make your life far easier.

Good neighbours

If you can find an apartment or house next to another family with kids of similar ages to your own, you’ll be set. This is a great way to make friends for your whole family. Roads near family-friendly areas may have speed bumps installed or yellow street signs warning to be wary of children.


Your kids will need plenty of space to run around and exert all that energy. Look for a place with a designated play area and good space for their toys. See if you can find a rental with an open space between the kitchen and play area so you can keep an eye on your kids while preparing dinner. Are your kids still little? It’s worth considering the width of doors, hallways and the number of stairs leading to the house.


Searching for a rental property is no easy task. The best advice here is not to take any shortcuts when it comes to securing a lease and to be wary of property scams. You’ll find some handy tips on protecting your family from rental scams during your search here.

These tips to finding a family-friendly rental should give you a good head-start in finding the best place for your family. What other tips would you suggest?


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