“Who makes the final decision on the tenant selection if an owner has their property managed by an agent? Does the Property Manager offer a suggestion to the owner?” (Tenant, NSW)

We asked Co-Founder and COO of Rent360, Penelope Valentine for her advice:

“The property manager’s job is to ensure they thoroughly check each tenant application,” Penelope said.

“They need to look at the past rental history of the tenant if there is one, attain personal and work references to establish character and assess affordability.”

Penelope said it is essential that the tenant can show that they can afford the property.

“I used to work off a rule that the rent could be no more 30% of their take-home income or combined income if there is more than one tenant,” she said.

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“Once the property manager has completed their reference checks, they surmise this information and present it to the owner.”

“Often the property manager will make a suggestion of who they believe is the best selection, but ultimately it is up to the owner to make the final decision.”

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Penelope Valentine
Penelope Valentine

Penelope Valentine is the Director and Co-Founder of Property Alchemy in New South Wales. Penelope's real estate career has spanned more than 18 years. In that time, she has held senior national management roles with McGrath, LJ Hooker and co-founded industry start-ups, including Rent360. She is qualified as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Sydney University.